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Trekking Tips and Tricks
saurav shrestha saurav shrestha

Trekking could be a good way to induce outdoors, get exercise, the yield stress, and build relationships with others and with nature. Though there may arise some difficulty while trekking for non-experienced travellers. So, some of the useful tips...

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Private Trekking Tour with Alpine
Santosh Regmi Santosh Regmi

Private Trekking Tour has always been famous among international and domestic tourists here in Nepal. This can be an opulent tour in Nepal with many beautiful things to explore because you'll be able to explore the various landscapes in Nepal,...

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Mountain Flights(Exploring Himalayas Without Trekking)
Nishan pokharel Nishan pokharel

Everest Experience could be a close-encounter mountain flight-seeing tour with Alpine Treks in which you enjoy the panorama and perhaps, you would possibly realize what you have got been missing, or find what you have got been searching for, all t...

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Cultural Heritage of Nepal
Aayush Lamichhane Aayush Lamichhane

Cultural Heritages of Nepal

       Nepal belongs to the South-Asian part of the world. It is little small but is one of the most famous country of the world. Nepal is very rich in cultural aspects which have...

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Best Mountains of Nepal
Petrick ( Geologist ) Petrick ( Geologist )

Mountains of Nepal

  Mountains are the land surfaces which are raised at a height from 6000 m to 8848 m. These types of land have more steepness and high altitude. They are seen in the northern part of Nepal. These mountains have...

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protected Areas of Nepal
Aayush Lamichhane (students of Saurdeep ) Aayush Lamichhane (students of Saurdeep )

Nepal protects the wildlife by establishing national parks, conservation areas, wildlife reserves, and hunting reserves. They are called protected areas. They protect animals, plants, historical and cultural places.

 National Pa...

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5 Best and Thrilling Trekking Places in Nepal
Punam Punam

 Nepal is a land-locked country filled and enriched with beautiful places, mountains, people, culture and many more. Nepal is well known for MT. EVEREST, the highest peak in the world. Perhaps, Nepal has a stunning trekking routes, national p...

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Solar Eclipse as seen from Kathmandu today

Solar Eclipse as seen from Kathmandu today

June 21, 2020  known as the longest day also known as 'Surya Grahan' in the Nepali language where people get to observe the annual solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when a porti...

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