• saurav shrestha saurav shrestha
  • 23-Feb-2020

Trekking Tips and Tricks

Trekking could be a good way to induce outdoors, get exercise, the yield stress, and build relationships with others and with nature. Though there may arise some difficulty while trekking for non-experienced travellers. So, some of the useful tips from which you can learn without the errors, at least on some of the things are given below:

  1. Dressing in Layers: By dressing in layers, you're allowing your body an opportunity to control, and wick moisture, and therefore the option of flexibility. 

  2. Use of compass or GPS: This seems simple and obvious of having a topographical map of the world just in case you stray, and also to aid in your planning ahead. 

  3. Prevent Blister: Getting blisters on your feet may be a way to cut a  trip. This may be easily avoided by taking preventative action and adding moleskin to your feet prior to time. 

  4. Carry Energy Drinks: Along with the food it is very much necessary for travelers to carry energy drinks with them in order to stay healthy, safe and energized. 

  5. Lightweight and comfortable backpack: Purchase a light-weight, comfortable backpack for hiking because it will make the trek comfortable allowing you to own the right posture.

  6. Learn First Aid Basics: No one wants to bleed out from an easily treated or puncture wound or walk on a broken leg that isn’t stabilized so the basic knowledge is important

  7. Budget Appropriately: It goes without saying that you simply should budget appropriately for your hiking trip about food, travel, gear, fees, and many more.

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