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Child Sponsorship Program

Ace the Himalaya not only puts efforts to make your trips to the Himalayas a memorable one, but also contributes to education and nourishment of some underprivileged children from rural parts of Gorkha district, in western Nepal. We carry out such social actions through a social organization ‘Sambhav Nepal Foundation’. The organization mainly works on education and sanitation of those areas. The organization has built a toilet, community library in two schools of those areas and also renovated a school building. Also, it facilitates volunteers at the schools and local activities in the villages, with the help of Ace the Himalaya through its travel package called Voluntourism.

Child sponsorship program is a major program of Sambhav Nepal Foundation. Sambhav Nepal sponsors talented and studious children of different ages and academic levels for their education, medical emergencies, stationery and living expenses in Gorkha and Kathmandu. Those sponsored children who are in Kathmandu study in good private boarding schools.

Ace the Himalaya, in collaboration with Sambhav Nepal finds the sponsors or donors for the child sponsorship program. These donors are based in different parts of the world, such as Nepal, Australia, Bhutan, Israel, Belgium and Canada. Sambhav Nepal has some more equally deserving children in nomination for sponsorship, please go to the website to find out more about these sponsorship nominated children.

Education is truly very important in one’s life, especially in this modern and competitive era. No one ought to be prevented from getting education. Ace the Himalaya believes that the children’s poor economic condition should not be a barrier keeping them away from getting education. So, we at Ace the Himalaya feel proud to be involved with Sambhav Nepal in this child sponsorship program in order to provide quality education to these brilliant and talented children who would not have access to education due to their family’s poverty. We are sure that they will definitely study hard and reach near to the goals of each of their lives.
Please go through the link to know more about the program of Sambhav Nepal: